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1966 Dream Home- Design Phase

By ahfloori88029674, May 4 2016 06:19PM

This house was going to get a huge makeover, but before we could get started demoing anything we had to start putting our ideas on paper with exactly what we wanted to do with the house. In this second entry I am going to walk you through the steps that we took in starting our design process for the house and also share some photos of fixtures and finishes that we selcted!

We drew the house in several computer programs, AutoCad, Revit, and 2020 Design. We used multiple programs, because each one has a different purpose.

We used AutoCad for our main floor plan with dimensions, notes, etc. We drew the plan as the house was existing and then printed out plans to hand sketch on top of, to figure out which walls we wanted to move or eliminate completely. After we hand sketched, we then put that back into AutoCad and had our complete floor plan. We decided that we were only going to fully gut the main floor, so that is what the floor plan is showing. There is a basement level, but we were only doing cosmetic touches to it and not a full gut, so it did not need to be drawn.

I also used AutoCad to draw the kitchen and bathroom countertop layouts and tile designs. The tile designs included dimensions and written notes and the drawings were given to the tile installers, so they knew exactly how the tile should be installed, where, with what color grout, etc. That way they didn't have to call us over and over again to ask a bunch of questions.

We used Revit to get a 3D perspective of our exterior. We decided that we wanted to completely change the roof line of this house, but before you do something as drastic as tearing the roof system off of a house you want to be sure of what you're putting back in its' place. We were able to import our new floor plan from AutoCad into Revit and then build the walls up and add the new roof lines that we wanted. By seeing it in 3D we were also able to determine where we wanted to add windows, dormers, shutters, etc. This way we knew what our house was going to look like before we ever started, the 3D feature really helps!! From Revit I printed out 3D perspectives of the house so that we could sketch where we wanted all of the exterior finishes. In the drawings below you can see where we sketched in brick, stone, shingle siding, and some shutters to help us visualize what we wanted the finished product to look like. We did several sketches before we landed on this for the final layout of all the exterior finishes. Sometimes sketching by hand is much faster and easier than trying to change the finishes in the computer program over and over.

We also used 2020 Design during the renovation of this house. 2020 Design is a 3D program designed for kitchens and bathrooms. It has all of the cabinet catalogs loaded into the program so that I am able to draw a kitchen or bathroom with the exact color/ style of cabinets that are selcted. I am also able to add in different elements to the space such as beams, dishes, televisions, etc. This is a very helpful program because I can make your kitchen or bathroom look almost spot on how it should with all of the finishes and fixtures before a project ever begins. Also with the 2020 Design program I can change out cabinets as we see fit. So if we thought we wanted drawer cabinets instead of standard door cabinet on the island I could change that and we could see it before we ordered the cabinets and had them in place and then decided that we didn't like the doors and were stuck with them. I printed these cabinet layouts out for my installers and gave them to them with all the dimensions on them so they knew exactly where to install the island, hood, refrigerator, etc. I put a lot of notes on the drawings I gave them, so there weren't any questions. It's a lot smoother of an installation if the installers don't have to stop what they are doing every 15 minutes to call and ask questions

Another part of the design phase is selcting all of your finishes and fixtures! Since this was an entire house remodel and not just a kitchen or bathroom, like we normally do, there were A LOT of finishes and fixtures to to select. We had to select all of the exterior finishes, new floors throughout the home, cabinet colors, countertops, light fixtures, tile, and so much more. The selection process took place over a period of time, because there were so many things to choose.

The first photo shows the combination of the exterior finishes that we selected. We selected Olde World Sedona stone and Brompton brick with a gray mortar. The roof shingle was style Georgetown Gray. The windows were a dark bronze finish, the trim was painted white, and the shake shingle siding was painted a khaki color.

Next shows the finishes for the master bathroom. We chose a 15" x 30" cream tile for the walls of the walk in shower and the matching 2" x 2" tiles for the shower floor and then accented it with a glass/ stone mosaic. The countertops we selected were a gray Cambria quartz top, that coordinated with the slate look floor tile. The sink, toilet, and freestanding tub in the master bathroom were all white and the paint color for the walls was a light shade of gray.

Here are the wall sconces that we chose for the half bathroom. We opted to put 2 sconces on each side of the mirror rather than putting 1 wall mounted fixture above the mirror. We thought the sconces would give the half bathroom a more elegant feel. This fixture is Hudson Valley brand and we purchased it from Ferguson's in Chattanooga.

This outdoor lantern was selected to go outside by the garage and outside of the master bedroom patio doors. We liked the look of this fixture and thought it gave a lake vibe, but we also like it because it has a closed glass bottom, so birds cannot get into it to make nests. The dark finish matched our window selections.

And here is the handle that we selected for the front door. Our front door was a simple design, so we selected a simple handle to go with it. We chose to use black hardware hinges, knobs, and handles throughout the home.

So there is a sneak peek into the beginning stages of what went into the remodel of this home. The design process extends throughout the entire project and some of the selections that were originally chosen did get changed. There is a lot that goes into designing a remodel. We had to do drawings, take measurements, and make all of the selections. But you can see just from the preliminary drawings and sketches that there was going to be a drastic difference between the original home and the finished remodel. And there are so many different finishes and fixtures being brought together in the home, we can't wait for you to see how it all comes together.

Thank you for visiting our blog!! Check back next week for another update on the remodel!! We'll be sharing with you some in-construction photos!! And you will be able to really see the differences starting to take place.

Thank you,

The Team at A&H Flooring

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