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1966 Dream Home- In Construction!!

By ahfloori88029674, May 13 2016 02:43PM

When we finally started construction on the house our guys went all in! Demo consisted of tearing out basically everything. All of the floors, walls, sheetrock, everything on the main floor, even the roof!! In the basement everything pretty much stayed as it was minus a few walls. We tore the house down to its' exterior studs, it was quite a job and A LOT of trash in the dumpster.

I am going to share with you in this post our construction phase and a lot of pictures through the process.

After we had everything demo'd we got busy framing the house back to the new plans. We had to build a new roof system and a lot of new walls. We also added a bonus room on top of the existing garage and so new stairs had to be built as well.

One of the first big changes that changed how the house looked and functioned was the new location for the front door. Originally the front door was located so that you entered on a split level, we moved it so that you would enter the home on the main level, and we did this without having to change the existing stairs to the basement. The original split level landing was left in place and was now made to be an entrance from the garage. We opened up the kitchen to the living room to make the house and open floor plan. We were also able to add a large pantry with laundry in the kitchen, which you can see in the picture below.

The added bonus room above the garage was planned to be a space for grandkids and extra storage. Then also on this main level we put a half bath off of the living room, which you can see framed out to the right of this photo below, and the master suite, straight ahead.

The master suite in this home is incredible!! It has a large bedroom, a grand bathroom that was layed out for a shower, double vanity with makeup knee hole, and soaking tub, and then a large walk in closet off of the master bath. From these first few pictures you can see that the home has completely transformed!! It feels so much more open and really takes in the lake views.

The basement downstairs is now laid out to have 3 bedrooms with walk in closets, a full bath, storage area, and living room with a bar. You really start to see the differences in the basement area once the finishes start going in.

After we got past the framing stage, we got to start putting finishes on!! This was such an exciting stage. Below you can see the house with the shingles on, a new front door (in its new location), new garage doors, and the windows are in place. The brick and stone is about to start getting laid. Also pictured is a close up view of the new double garage doors and the back of the house. The new back deck is absolutely breathtaking.

Pictured next you can see the house once we have the brick and stone on!!

We chose a combination of Sedona Olde World Stone which is a white stone with hints of gray and red and Brompton Brick that is a greige (gray + beige) color brick with a gray mortar. You can also see the left side of the house which we decided to add a screen porch to, pictured is of course minus the screen, but we have a stone wall built around the patio along with a gable painted to match the beige from the garage doors and the top dormer.

Inside we were having just as much progress! We had sheetrock finishing, paint sample selections, electrical and plumbing, and so much more, it was a non stop process. Below you can see a picture of the newly framed fireplace on the main level. We tore out the existing stone wood burning fireplace and built a gas fireplace that fit our space better. We planned to have the television and all of the electrical boxes/ wires hidden, so there is a large cutout in the center for the televsion and then on both sides there are cubbies for speakers, routers, etc. We also put a gas insert in the fireplace in the basement. The second photo below is the basement stone fireplace, we wanted to leave the stone, but as it was originally it was very dark. We felt that the space needed to be light and airy, so we decided to paint the stone white.

Also going on downstairs are some cool cubbies being framed into the side of the stairs. This gives some function to what would otherwise be dead space. And then also pictured is the basement bathroom shower. You can see the tile is just starting to be laid. You can see the red guard waterproofing layer that covers the entire shower, and then our shower tile floor has been installed and the tile walls are started.

We will head back up to the main level and pictured below you can see the railing that was installed in the great room. This replaced the original iron railings. You can also see the matching railing that is on the staircase that leads up to the bonus room above the garage.

This next picture shows a very exciting milestone!! Our beams went in! We added beams to the kitchen side of the open floor plan, so to help define the 2 spaces without actually seperating them. These beams are breathtaking! And we decided to add matching beams to the back deck as well, so that everything was cohesive from the inside out. Pictured you can see the 2 sets of beams as you are looking into what will be the kitchen. Then the second picture below you can see as if we are standing in the kitchen looking into the great room. You can still see the beautiful beam and you get a sneak peak at the gorgeaous fireplace that is coming along. And you really get to see how bright the space is because of the windows on either side of the room. Both large bays of windows let in an enormous amount of light and make the space feel so much more open and large.

Then in our master bathroom we have a lot of progress with our tile installation. Our shower tile has all been installed as well as the floor and the tub surround. Our freestanding tub has also arrived and we will be able to get the plumber back out soon to do a final plumbing trim out for all of our plumbing fixtures. In the master bathroom we selected more neutral tones than all white shades like downstairs. We had higher ceilings and a lot more light on the main level so we had a little more play with our options for finishes, but we still didn't want to make anything feel dark and closed in. We selected a slate look floor, with a neutral shower tile, and a glass mosaic. We carried the matching shower tile and glass mosaic to the tub surround.

We will go back downstairs one more time, and I will share with you some progress of cabinets and granite coutnertops going in! We added a bar to the living room in the basement and then the bathroom got a small vanity. We made the 2 areas of cabinets and countertops match because we also decided to carry the same LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) flooring throughout the basement. LVP or LVT is waterproof and scratch resistant. But because we were already being cohesve with the same floor throughout the basement, we kept the cabinets and countertops the same style and color in both areas. The bar area is located directly at the bottom of the stairs when you come down to the basement. It has a small bar sink, a mini fridge, and a microwave that will be hidden in the pantry. We chose a lot of light, bright, and airy colors for the basement. Since the ceilings were already fairly low we wanted to make the space feel as open and large as possible, so we accomplished this by selecting a lot of pale blues (since we were on the lake) as well as a lof of differenct shades of white.

We'll head outside and I'll share with you a picture of the back decks progress. You can see the stained gray shiplap ceiling, the gray decking, and then the moster bronze fans!! This deck is 27' wide x 15' deep, we needed some large fans for the space. Our windows are a dark bronze which the fans were chosen to match.

Well we will stop there with the in-construction pictures. This house is coming along so great!! We are so excited for the progress and can't wait for it to be complete!! Next time you check back with us we will be posting our final installment for this project with completed photos!

Thank you for stopping by our blog. Let us know what you think of the house so far in the comments below!

Thank you,

The Team at A&H Flooring, LLC

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