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Here we will post our completed and even sometimes in progress jobs. We hope you enjoy reading about what we do here at A&H Flooring and Cabinetry and also seeing some of the transformations that we work on for our clients. Check back often to see  our new posts!!

By ahfloori88029674, Apr 25 2016 02:17PM

About 9 months ago we started an entire home remodel project on a 1966 original home!! This has probably been one of the most exciting and extensive remodels that we have done, because we have made this house brand new, you wouldn't even recognize it as the same house anymore. I am going to share the design process of this home as well as the journey from beginning to end with LOTS and LOTS of pictures.

My first blog post on this home is going to share with you all of the before pictures from our initial walk thru of the home. These first few photos show the exterior of the home. As you can see it has the generic stone for the 60's, large glass windows, siding, old very inefficient windows, a low pitched roof, etc. The exterior was kind of plain and didn't have any real wow factor to draw people in, that is definitely something that we changed with the final remodel.

When we went inside it was like walking into a time capsule, it was such a cool house!! Not something we wanted to keep the same, it definitely needed to be remodeled, but it was so cool to see all of the original fixtures and finishes.

This is what you first saw when you walked in the home. It was a split level home, which meant we walked in on the "middle level" and you could either go down to the basement or up to the "main level". You can see the unique iron railings and a slight cathedral ceiling with beams.

The living room on the main level of the home was fairly large. It also had huge glass windows on both sides that made it feel even more open. You can see the slight vault on the ceiling in this picture, as well as the large stone fireplace. This home had 2 large stone wood burning fireplaces. The floor in this room had already been removed before we got to it, so here it is just subfloor that you are seeing. Some of my FAVORITE things that were in this house were the light fixtures!! You can see a really cool brass and crystal chandelier in this photo, it hung in the area that would have been used as a dining area off of the living room. On the far side of the picture you will notice some cool brass retro cone light fixtures.

Here we are standing in the living room looking at the front door/ split level landing. You can see the floating steps leading down to the basement and the expansive draperies that were used to cover the large windows accross the front of the house. You can see the theme of gold and green being used extensively.

From the living room we move on to the kitchen. This next photo shows the small hallway seperating the kitchen from the living room. This closet would have been utilized as the pantry for the kitchen. The home was not an open floor plan, but due to the large windows in the living room it did feel more open than it was. Side Note: You can't see it in this photo, but this house did have an intercom system, on the oposite wall in this hallway that you can't see, was the main speaker and intercom, you don't see many of those in houses anymore.

So here we are in the kitfchen. After being in that living room that was so bright with the large windows, this kitchen felt so small and cramped. Between the dark linoleum floor, dark cabinets, dark bottom paneling on the walls, and dark burgandy patterned wallpaper, it felt like you were in a cave. You can see the view of the kitchen cabinets and then the back wall of the kitchen where a breakfast table would have been. There was a door here leading out to the left side of the house with a sidewalk that wrapped around to the back and also to the back door of the garage. This kitchen was extremely outdated and would not have been functional or aesthetically pleasing so it was one of the first things on our list to renovate.

This is standing in the kitchen doorway leading to the living room and you can see the large windows accross the back of the house with the deck. This house is right on the water and has incredible views.

From the living room we can go the opposite direction instead of going to the kitchen we can head to the bedrooms. There were 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the main level. This is a view looking down the hallway to the bedrooms. Here you can see that the floor hasn't been removed and we had existing 2-1/4" oak hardwood floors.

Our first stop is this amazing BLUE bathroom!!! This thing is incredible, blue toilet, a massive blue tub, with the coordinating blue door panels and sink. This bathroom was funny.

The bedrooms were pretty much just 2 standard size bedrooms, nothing special about them, they had the hardwood floors in both of them and the master had the on-suite.

In the on-suite bathroom the home stuck with the blue hue, but went with more of a mint green/ blue color for the toilet, sink tub, tile, and everything. It was a whole lot of the same color.

Just like the kitchen, these rooms were extremely dated and were at the top of the list to get renovated.

We will now head downstairs and take a look at the basement.

The basement had another 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, along with ample storage space, a bar, and a living room.

The first photo shows the living area. It was being utilized for storage at the time of our walk thru. The ceiling down here was considerably lower than upstairs, so we only had so much headroom to work with, you can see in the top left portion of this picture there was a drop ceiling that made it feel closed in, but like upstairs we had a large bank of windows to bring in a lot of light to make the space feel larger. In this living area there was the second stone fireplace.

From the living room you head down a hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom. The floor in the basement was a tile floor. The tile extended throughout the living area, bathroom, and bedrooms.

The bedrooms had the same low ceiling as the living area and in some places had a dropped ceiling, where duct work and plumbing had been ran.

The bathroom in the basement was no where near as dated looking as the upstairs bathroom because it wasn't a bunch of crazy colors, but it still needed to be replaced and the fixtures/ finishes need to be updated.

This home was going to be a huge project, but we couldn't wait to get started! We had so many ideas going about what we wanted to do and change on the house and we just needed to get started sketching ideas and picking samples.

This is the view for the home and it was a great inspiration for the project!!

Thank you for stopping by our blog!!!

Be sure to check back sooon for the next post on the design process for this renovation. We will be sharing the products that we selected throughout the process as well as sharing the sketches and how we got to the end product.

Thank you,

The Team at A&H Flooring LLC

By ahfloori88029674, Feb 23 2016 07:30PM

We recently finished a job in Apison, TN that is just outside of Chattanooga. This was a new construction home, for a couple that chose to build exactly where their previous home had been destroyed by the tornados that devasted parts of this area a few years back. We installed all of the flooring for this 4,000 square foot home and it is a truly breathtaking home.

We worked with the homeowners to pick out hardwood flooring, tile flooring for all of the bathrooms, carpet for the upstairs bonus area, as well as backsplash tile for the kitchen and master bathroom, and tile for the master shower. It was a very large flooring job and there were many factors to consider when we were making all of our selections, but everything came together and turned out beautifully.

Along with making selections for the flooring we also aided the homeowners in paint color selections throughout the home.

This handscraped hardwood is installed throughout the majority of the first floor of the home. It goes throughout a guest bedroom, the game room, kitchen, living room, dining room, entry, office, and master bedroom. It is a nice medium tone that makes the space feel warm, while not closing it in, by being too dark.

We installed tile floors in the laundry room, main floor half bath, main floor guest bath, pool bath (this bathroom is only accessed from outside for the pool), second floor bath, we also installed tile floors in the master bathroom, but I will elaborate on that seperately next.

For the master bathroom we installed an AMAZING flooring that we are all in love with, we also installed backsplash around the vanities, a tub surround for a free standing tub, and a tiled walk in shower. The floor tile is a 4x8 white brick tile and was installaed in a heringbone pattern. Then the mosaic tile that is used for the backsplash and the decorative band in the shower and tub surround is a gold metallic 1x1 tile. This bathroom was a lot of fun to design and turned out beautifully. The client said the bathroom is one of her favorite rooms in the house!!

We also tiled a backsplash in the kitchen and the butlers pantry of this home. We chose to use a travertine 3x6 tile on a brick pattern for the majority of the backsplash, while using a travertine diamond mosaic for a decorative area behind the range.

Along with all of the hardwood and tile that went in to this house, we also put carpet in the upstairs bonus area, upstairs guest bedroom, staircase, and the master closet. We chose a patterned carpet with small repeating squares.

This was a fun house to see finished. We came on the job while they were still in the process of putting sheetrock on the walls and brick and stone had just started to go on the outside. So we really got to see the trasformation from work in progress to the finished jewel.

Our cllients for this job were also the absolute best people and we really enjoyed working with them throughout this entire process. We know building a house is a lot of hard work and they were wonderful during all of the decision making for their floors.

Thank you for stopping by our blog, be sure to keep us in mind for all of your flooring needs!!

A&H Flooring and Cabinetry


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By ahfloori88029674, Feb 15 2016 08:34PM

Designing kitchens can be so much fun! There are so many aspects that go in to remodeling a kitchen from picking the cabinet color and style, countertops, cabinet hardware, floor tile, grout, basplash tile and design, plumbing and lighting fixtures, etc, sometimes it can be overwhelming, but when you get to see it all come together in the end it is so exciting!!

We recently finished a kitchen remodel for a client on Signal Mountain. The kitchen was old and outdated and didn't function well for the homeowners.

This is what the kitchen looked like before we started the remodel process:

This kitchen was outdated and dark. It also just did not function well for the homeowner. There wasn't enough storage space, there was a built in pantry, but it was narrow and couldn't be utilized fully. Also there was a penisula that came out in to the room partially and it took up more room than it was worth and didn't serve much purpose. In the existing layout, the microwave was placed above the cooktop and was not up to code, due to there not being enough clearance between the cooktop and the microwave. Along with the functionality problems, the homeowner wanted to update all of the aesthetic features so that the kitchen was new and bright.

When we first met with our clients, our first appointment was at the house to take field measurements of the space and to get an idea of what exactly they wanted to do with the remodel. We decided that this would be a complete gut job, so we took overall measurements of the space and started from scratch. We next met with the homeowners at our showroom to show them designs for their proposed kitchen and also to select finishes. Our designer uses a 3D design program to build the kitchen and show our client what their new space will look like before any demolition ever takes place.

This is what our proposed design looked like:

We spent a lot of time with our clients to really find out what they needed in their new kitchen. We implemented a lot more storage in to the new design than what they had previously had. We decided to remove the existing built in pantry so that we could expand the cabinets further down the wall and it would help to make the kitchen feel larger and more open. Since we removed that pantry we replaced it with a tall pantry cabinet. The homeowners also needed a storage space for shoes, keys, etc for when they came in from the garage, and of course this all needed to be hidden, because previously it had just been placed on and under the penisula counter. So we added a shallow depth tall utility cabinet that was perfect for this function. The homeowner requested a pull out base cabinet trash can, (after she has been using this for a while she said it is one of the best additions to her kitchen because she doesn't have to have her trash can out in the open anymore). We also added deep drawer base cabinets that are perfect for storing large pots and pans.

Once the design is finalized and finishes are selected the real fun starts, the new kitchen starts to come together!!

We chose white cabinets with a charcoal gray glaze to add some dimension. The countertops are New Caledonia granite, which has a mizture of grays and blacks. We added a 3x6 travertine silver backsplash tile in a brick pattern that really helped to tie the room together. For the wall color we chose a warm gray paint that would be neutral and cohesive with all of the finishes. We chose to use black appliances, brushed nickel cabinet hardware and faucet, and a stainless steel sink. For the floor we chose a light gray 12x24 tile that contrasted enough with the white cabinets, but that was neutral enough so as to not overwhelm the space. Then we painted all of the trim white to give the space a clean fresh look.

This kitchen is such a transformation from what it was, it doesn't even look like the same room. It went from being closed, dark, and not functional to open, airy, and everything being completely utilized!!

We also replaced the light fixtures in this kitchen. In the old layout the kitchen had a ceiling fan that the homeowner didn't like, and there was an outdated chandelier over the kitchen table. So we replaced the ceiling fan with a ceiling mount fixture and put a new updated chandelier over the kitchen table, now both light fixtures finishes match as well. We chose to go with a dark finish on the light fixtures, since we were so light everywhere else, this was a little touch where we could add a hint of contrast and it not change the overall feel of the room.

We truly love being able to design a space for our clients that is both beautiful and functional. And we are so thrilled that our client loves the finished product as much as we do!! We love the feel of this fresh, new, functional kitchen!!

Thank you for stopping by our blog!

-A&H Flooring and Cabinetry

By ahfloori88029674, Jan 29 2016 05:19PM

A&H Flooring has been around for more than 50 years and used to mainly sell carpet.

Aaron Choate is the current owner and has owned the business for over 5 years. He has turned what was once just a flooring store in to a homeowners one stop shop for all of your remodeling and designing needs!! We can also service your commercial flooring needs with a large majority of our products having high commercial warrenties.

We offer all types of flooring, such as: hardwood, ceramic, porcelain, glass, and mosaic tile, luxury vinyl tile or plank (LVT and LVP), and carpet. Along with flooring we sell cabinets, countertops, plumbing and lighting fixtures.

We also have an on staff designer who can help in all of your selections! Our designer will work with you one on one to create your dream kitchen or bath. We design your space with a 3D design program where you can actually see your new kitchen or bath, with your selected finishes, before any demolition ever takes place.

A&H Flooring is truly a one stop shop for everything you need and we offer the services to install everything that we sell. Come see us today and let us help you with your next project.

Thank you for stopping by our blog and website. Check back often for updates on our projects that have been completed or are in progress, as well as other ideas of new design trends!!

From the team at A&H Flooring LLC

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